Professional Paving and
Sealing Services

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Paving and Excavating from Annapolis, Maryland

Your road or lot will be as good as new when we are through. CN Cromwell Paving in Annapolis, Maryland, offers paving and excavating for home and commercial repairs.

For residential driveways, we do excavations and prep work to put in the gravel or asphalt base.  Then we cover the driveway with 3 inches of top coat and surface asphalt.   These are residential driveways. Pricing is by the square foot.

Cement, Paving and Excavating in Annapolis, MD

Parking Lots
We resurface or install commercial parking lots. If your parking lot has cumbersome cracks or potholes, let us repave your lot and make it like new.

Road Paving
We excavate, grade, and pave roads for all residential and commercial customers. Make your road smooth again with our professional services.

We clear grown-over brush or huge trees from your lot. If you want to enlarge your yard, call us to even out your land for you. 

Let us remove stone, topsoil, or any unwanted materials from your lot or site. We clear out the mess quickly and safely.

Contact us for an estimate in Annapolis, Maryland to clean up your road or lot.